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Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center
680 N. Lake Shore Drive
Suite 1101
Chicago, IL 60611

Local Parking Information


Improv for Anxiety at Second City Training CenterImprov for Anxiety at Second City Training Center Improv for Anxiety at Second City Training Center

Parking for the Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center

Metered Parking. If you come early and get lucky, metered parking is available close to PARC typically on East West streets: Erie, Ohio, Ontario, Grand. You will pay $1.25/hr. Easier on Saturdays.

W Hotel 644 N. Lake Shore Drive. One block from PARC. Three (3) hour valet parking when attending PARC sessions. I would stamp your parking coupon before you leave. Good deal for downtown Chicago.

Closer to Navy Pier: 512 N. McClurg Ct, NW corner of McClurg Ct and Grand Ave. Enter on Grand or Illinois. Four blocks from PARC. $12 for 12 hours discounted for PARC members only. Spend the day downtown! Call to buy coupons in advance.

401 E. Illinois Fox and Obel Gourmet Market (Parking @ Illinois and Peshtigo 1 block east of 401). Two hours free with a purchase. Sounds like they are flexible but probably need to spend at least $10 in grocery or eat in the Café. Remember groups are 1.5 hrs, but lot is only four blocks from PARC. They will also valet your car for $8 for two (2) hours with a $20 purchase. Call them for details: (312) 410-7301.

255 E. Grand, Dominick’s Grocery, SW corner of Fairbanks and Grand, entrance on Grand. Six blocks from PARC. Best to make a purchase, but call them for details (312) 279-1305.

680 N Lake Shore (PARC’s Bld) entrance on Huron. $17 per hour, OUCH! One hour or less “free”, if you spend $10 at Treasure Island - the grocery on the first floor. Not enough time for the group though (usually 1.5 hrs).

Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Close by, many lots. (312) 926-2000 for non-hospital related parking (312) 787-0551.

For a fun adventure, try public transportation. We’re a ¼ mile from Navy Pier. You can also use CTA Red Line "L" train and get off at either Chicago or Grand Ave. Call 888-YOURCTA or see the map for more options.

Call Mark for a customized recommendation. (312) 642-7952