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Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center
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Chicago, IL 60611

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Creativity in Mental Health   Creativity in Mental Health Journal - Comedic Improv Therapy for the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder
Stories of Hope - Improv for Anxiety   Stories of Hope - Improv for Anxiety: Video Testimonial
Improv for Anxiety   Living Healthy Chicago - Improv for Anxiety: Video Testimonial
ABC News   Exposure Therapy Rescues Woman from Vomit Phobia
Chicago Health Magazine Improv for Anxiety   Second City Improv Class Helps Those with Social Anxiety
Psychology Today   Can Improv Comedy Treat Social Anxiety?
Improv for Anxiety Program   Improv for Anxiety: A Stand-Up Therapeutic Tool?
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MakeItBetter.com   Holiday Party Panic: Go Forth and Be Fabulous - "Do ghosts of gatherings past make you want to curl up and hibernate until January 2?"
Columbia Chronicle Improv Anxiety Disorder Article   Improv Therapy - How The Second City fights anxiety with therapeutic boot camp
PARC/Second City
"Improv For Anxiety" Bootcamp
press release
  Press release for the "Improv For Anxiety" Bootcamp - a unique project from The Second City and PARC.
CLTV report on PARC Social Anxiety Bootcamp   "What's Funny About Anxiety?" - Chicago's CLTV report on the PARC/Second City Social Anxiety Improv program.
Hoarders Emmy nomination   A&E's Hoarders has been nominated for an Emmy in the "Outstanding Reality Program" category.
Hoarders Season 4 - Judy/Jerry
press release
  Read the press release for the "Judy/Jerry" episode of the A&E's Hoarders show.

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Worried Sick   Nick News: Worried Sick - In today’s world, it seems like more and more kids and feeling more and more anxious. But there’s a way out of that world of anxiety.
University of Buffalo Department of Psychology   Spring 2012 Newsletter - An interview with Mark Pfeffer, PARC Director
chicago tribune logo   "Dealing with neigbor who hoards" - Chicago Tribune (December 2, 2011)
chicago tribune logo   "6 tips for a half-full glass" - Chicago Tribune (November 29, 2011)
Judy Deleted Hoarders Scene  

Hoarders - Season 4: Judy (Deleted Scene)
Watch it (A&E link)

Judy Hoarders Episode   Hoarders - Season 4: Judy/Jerry
Watch it (A&E link)
ABC News Good Morning America Emetophobia Article   Mark Pfeffer featured on ABC News: Exposure Therapy Rescues Woman From Vomit Phobia
Unwed Anxiety & Divorce   "Why Young Men Fear Marriage" - The Huffington Post, October 29th, 2011
Unwed Anxiety   "Divorce Yourself from Marital Anxiety" - Chicago Tribune, September 2011
Hoarders Reel   Hoarders Reel
Hoarders Season 4 iTunes   Hoarders - Season 4: Phyllis / Janet
Watch it/Buy it (iTunes link)
hoarders_disorder_hoarding   Hoarders - Season 3 Deleted Scene: Kathy & Gary
hoarders_kathy_and_gary   Hoarders - Season 3: Kathy & Gary
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  Hoarders - Season 3: Andrew / Shania
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Hoarders Season 2 iTunes   Hoarders - Season 2: June / Doug
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  Hoarders: "Kathleen" episode video
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  Hoarders: "Adella" episode video
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hoarders-disorder-comix   Hoarders Comix
  My Strange Phobia - Therapy
  My Strange Phobia - Sneak Peak
  My Strange Phobia - Vomiting
  PARC director quoted on AOL Health