“I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for the past 12 years. I thought that I was going to live the rest of my life with this condition. I couldn’t travel, drive at night, drink alcohol, and many other things that made my life incomplete.

“In 1998, I was getting married and I didn’t want to deprive my spouse of a honeymoon. That was when I decided to call Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center. I had known about PARC for quite some time, but I just didn’t believe it would work for me. I felt I was destined to live with my panic forever. With the wedding nearing, I decided to give PARC and myself a chance to beat this thing.

“I completed the program and went on a honeymoon to Key West, Florida. Hurricane George arrived just in time for the honeymoon and we had to evacuate the island. But I survived and actually enjoyed our trip. I was amazed that the program actually worked.

“Now I finally feel confident that I can do anything and go anywhere because I truly ‘ran towards the roar.’ When I first heard Mark say those words I was completely skeptical. But it truly worked for me and I feel better than ever. I’m already planning my next trip and I know my life will be much fuller now. It’s too tiring to drag around the worry and the fear with me everywhere I go. Now I don’t have to. Much thanks to PARC and to Mark for helping me through this. If you are reading this and feel as skeptical as I did about this program, just try it. It works. You have nothing to lose.”