“It’s a known fact that the majority of people do not enjoy public speaking. I was beyond that; the thought of being called upon during class made me so uncomfortable. I hated going to school, and loved test days because I would not get called on! I experienced sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, a trembling voice and shortness of breath.

“I would not go to high school feeling this way. I got up the courage to tell my mom how I was feeling in school. She started calling local high schools, and found they were not able to help. One day, she was looking in the newspaper, and found an ad for Panic/Anxiety/Recovery Center. She called the number and we found Mr. Pfeffer, the man who changed my life forever.

“I met him weekly for an hour. Each week, I would tell him of my fears and accomplishments of the previous week. He would give me worksheets and material to read, and homework. I also kept a daily journal of my attempts at overcoming my fears. I had to put myself in those uncomfortable situations and work the program.Now, when I feel anxious about an event coming up at school, I can look back at my old journal entries, and remember all of my successes.

“I encourage anyone who has this crippling fear of public interaction to meet with Mr. Pfeffer, and give his program a try. I am now a junior, and have been enjoying high school because of Mark. I can be called upon to read aloud, and have given many speeches with little anxiety. I learned how to control my breathing, relax, and to ‘run towards the roar!’ Instead of waking up each morning and worrying about my classes, I can get on with more important things in life. Thanks, Mr. Pfeffer.”