I recently completed the program at the Panic Anxiety Recovery Center for panic attacks and social phobia. A friend who was a PARC graduate referred me. 

I worked with Mark Pfeffer, PARC Director. Mark was very patient with me and included my family throughout the process, as needed. He gave me the hope that I could achieve recovery regardless of how long I had been suffering or how severe my symptoms were. He provided me his cell phone number for crisis calls and worked out a payment plan option when I had a cash flow problem.  

It’s hard for me to believe that the sort of term treatment group program I signed up for helped me in ways beyond my anxiety issue. I also did some individual sessions. Learning to be unafraid was not easy but not as difficult as imagined. A workbook and homework helped a lot. Once I realized what was really going on in my mind and body I was able to develop a specific program for myself, with help from Mark. Group members were very supportive and I learned a lot from them. Some became friends. 

I did not realize how my lifestyle and family history contributed to my anxiety. Leading a balanced life with a new attitude of confidence and courage helps me take more risks and be in the “moment”. A place I never spent a lot of time visiting. Now I’m there all the time. 

Thankfully, I no longer have panic attacks and can manage my social anxiety by working my program and maintaining my new lifestyle. I’m slowly going off medication. Social gatherings, meeting new people and even public speaking are no longer my enemies. I actually find myself seeking out these activities instead of avoiding them at all costs. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend PARC to anyone with anxiety that controls their life.

Susan B.