As a parent of a teenage son with the panic/anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, I was desperate to find a treatment for our son that would help him regain the normal life that he led before becoming debilitated by this illness. Thankfully, I stumbled across the Panic/Anxiety Recovery Center while searching the Internet for treatment facilities across the country. And, as luck would have it, P.A.R.C.’s Chicago location was within driving distance of our home! The innovative program, the combined weekly Support Group meetings and the Improv for Anxiety classes at Second City Training Center, has made a tremendous difference in our son’s recovery. His health visibly improves by leaps and bounds over the standard treatment of one-on-one therapy and medication. With the expertise of the staff including Mark Pfeffer, Becca Barish, Nina Riccardi, and Jake Frelick, they have helped our son to get back on track for college. Thank you P.A.R.C. staff for all that you do to help individuals reach their fullest potential!