“It’s been almost one year since graduation and things are going really well. I’ve completed most of my hierarchy lists, with the outstanding one being travel by airplanes.

“I have been able to drive to work alone, on the expressways, and on side streets with very low levels. Even when my levels begin to rise I can quickly do deep breathing techniques and talk myself down. I can now go to the mall myself, drive to the doctor myself, eat in restaurants, go to movies, attend hockey games and not worry if it’ll be crowded—do things that I never thought a year ago I’d be able to do again. I’ve even gone away for relaxing spa weekends—got a massage (which never in a million years could I envision doing)!

“It is truly being free. It doesn’t mean the anxiety is gone—I still have bad days—only now I accept them as just that, bad days, and not the only thing in my life. I still tense up in meetings or at interviews (yes, I have been going on job interviews!) but now I understand that it is normal.

“I refer to my materials a lot—listen to my tapes for breathing, etc., and find them useful to get back on track if I’ve been nervous several days in a row. I look and feel better and know that while this is always going to be with me, it no longer means that it has to control my life. Oh, yeah, I now get my hair cut on a regular basis (when we met I hadn’t gone for six months and in fact almost went 12 months without a haircut!). Now I can do it, though for whatever reason, that tends to raise my levels.

“I re-read my letter to myself a few weeks ago and was amazed by the change in myself. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful the program was and how it has helped me change my life around! I tell everyone who notices the changes in me about the program and that it was the best thing I ever did for myself.